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New crochet collection

New crochet collection

When I go silent around here, you can bet that either it is school holidays and the crazy crew are home or I am deep in the end game of a new collection.  The last 2 weeks, both coincided and today I waved goodbye to my 3 adorable but hard work children and we launched pre-orders for our new collection Three from the Top.

This is a collection of 3 cardigans, all worked from the top down, in sizes from baby to 5x.  I can't tell you how nervous we are to get this one out into the world.  While we both love to make, design and wear cardigans, we have been so nervous about releasing these into the wild.  Crochet garments get such a bad rap and we have worked hard to make these fitted and wearable and, well, gorgeous.

You can read all about the various designs over here or if you need no further selling, then hop on over to etsy to preorder.  Due to the fact that the official launch is at Wonderwool this weekend, we have had to limit the number of preorders to make sure that everyone attending Wonderwool is able to get a copy.  If you can't make it to Wales and want to get one of the first copies, buy today!!

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