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Dragged Kicking and Screaming

Dragged Kicking and Screaming

For some reason this year I am struggling to get into any sort of Christmas spirit.  I have no logical explanation for it, we aren't looking to move plus writing a book like last year, I'm not desperately finishing up deadlines like the 2 years before that, and I don't have random pregnancy rage like so many years before that, so really I should be embracing Christmas with open arms. 

However, I just can't manage to see past a long list of things I still need to buy, plan, go to, sort out, make, do, and clean. I groaned audibly when Kevin declared that Saturday was THE day to get the Christmas tree. As it was his birthday, I couldn't really say no, so out we went to the local Christmas tree farm. 

We've always had a fake tree before and I've never cut my own, but there was something so magical about wandering around the trees decided on THE tree for us.  I felt moderately cheered by just being outside and watching Kevin handle a saw (I am shallow, I know).

And even if  I exclaimed in exhaustion when I got home "I F&%$ing hate Christmas" I am going to admit that there is something incredibly cheery about the twinkly lights and sparkly tree standing proud in the family room (totally decorated by Kevin - I hid in the kitchen).

I'm sure the Christmas spirit will find me, even if I have to be dragged to it kicking and screaming. 

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