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Dressed to Obsess

bird wings georgia bird

Obsessions come in and out of our house like tides.  Train obsessions gave way to car obsessions which then gave way to Lego obsessions which then morphed into space ship obsessions then Star Wars then tents then camping then more Lego...

Currently we are obsessed with dressing up.  No one is allowed to walk around the house without a costume on.  As I write, Ellis is a super hero and Georgia is a lobster.  Kevin even brought my coffee to me this morning wearing a sparkly purple cape (which, some of you know, is not that different to what he was wearing in the club scene in the late 1990s).

The new obsession can be laid firmly on the door step of Kev's step sister who brought over the most amazing collection of dress up clothes she had made and her and her sister's kids had out grown.  The costumes are just so wonderful and our dress up box is now the envy of the neighbourhood. If you come over to my house and are small enough, you cen now be:

- a Jedi (fully handmade...I can not wait to get E into this next time we watch Star Wars)

- a pirate

- a superhero

- a police person

- a 1950's highschooler in a Poodle Skirt (made by my mother for me when I was little)

- a swashbuckler

- a bug

- a lobster

But something was missing...

Last Halloween, as we left for a Halloween party, Ellis decided he did not want to be the monster, whose costume we had already made, but rather a bird.  I hastily made THE WORST set of wings for him, vowing to make him a better pair if I ever had the chance.  Well, our new dress up box and a pattern found on pinterest came together to give me the much needed kick up the back side to make a better set of wings for the children.

Ellis was shivering in excitement as he waited for me to finish them...and he has been flapping ever since.  Today's activity is making a proper bird mask to go with the wings.  This has to be done quickly before a new obsession flies in and roosts.


Just a note on the pattern: If I were to make another pair, I would sew the two wing pieces onto the cotton tape before attaching the feathers to hide the stitching along the top.  Its not a big deal, but would would be an easy way of making it look more finished. It is a very easy pattern, but does take a fair bit of time to do all of the cutting.


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