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Everyday (or a Post to Induce Labour)

Everyday, I sit down to write a blog post.

And everyday, I think oh well, maybe the baby will come today and anything I write will just be dull in comparison.  So I don't write anything. Or, what ever I am writing actually turns into a long and wallowing list of endless misery.

And so, I will just highlight what we have been up to in the hope that I will reverse the trend of no blog post = no baby. And further confirm that pregnant women will do ANYTHING to get the baby out when the time comes (well, posting a blog seems to have less risks than other induction methods).

And so:

I have been cooking massive batches of food to put in the freezer for baby's arrival. Lasagna, chili, muffins, cookies. We are stocked for a good few weeks.


We have been flying kites.



We have been gardening. 20Mar2010_6664


We have been trying to figure out how on earth to meet a little boy's out of the blue request for a "Gruffalo Birthday Party" in 2 weeks time, with no ETA on his little brother or sister.


We have been using trainspotting as a fantastic excuse for an enormous woman to sit down and rest

Moments of motherhood


But mostly, I have just been pregnant 14Mar2010_6566

Here's hoping this works. Who knows what I may resort to next...

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