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Eye of the Beholder


Yesterday, when asked what he wanted to do today, replied "Make a red and blue bumblebee cake". Whilst not one to say no to cake, we had no ingredients in the house and a trip to the grocery store was an impossibility between naps and lunches and friends.

But all day long I heard about this cake we were gong to make.  It went from red and blue to black to yellow from cupcakes to HUGE cake to birthday cake.  No amount of coersion could change his mind.

"What about we make a special cake for Daddy's birthday (in December)"

"Umm, no thanks."

"Why don't we make it for Nana and Grandpa when they get here at the weekend?"

"Uh, no"

"Do you want to watch a film instead?"

"No.  That's OK."

Sensing the inevitability, daddy was sent out after work to collect the necessary ingredients.  Fortunately, the small boy fell asleep before any late night baking occured.

Thinking we'd escaped, Kev and I spent much of the morning giving each other knowing and relieved looks. It took an entire hour of being awake before Ellis remembered he needed cake.  And so, a cake was made...and decorated to the specific specification of one three year old.  Blue and black with sprinkles.  


Beautiful...or not.


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