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Anyone who lives far from family knows that friends are crucial.  They become surrogate aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters. The are the ones who come in an emergency and pop round at exactly the right moment for a cup of tea.

In this department, Kevin and I could not be luckier, as we have people who do wonderful things like:

- cook for tired parents who have been living for weeks on the catagory of meals that ends in "On Toast"

- give the small children sugar and deal with the consequences

- let those same small children trash her house AND then clean up after them.

And give a sewing mama a wonderful gift of beloved things, including this:



I want to make dresses and pinafores and aprons and headcerchiefs out of it.

I want to redecorate my house to match.

I want to cut off a small square to carry around in my pocket like a comfort blanket, I love it that much.

And with 3 curtains measuring 5x2 meters each, I should be able to do all of that with some left over.


Fabric is good...



...but friends are better.


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