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We're Too Cheap to Buy a Bed

So I have to once again apologise for not responding to comments and emails of late. In an attempt to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch now that I appear to be feeling better (2.5 days, no sickness...woo hoo!).  Here are some answers to some of things that have come through on email and in the comments in the last wee while. 

Why is your blog called Slugs on the Refrigerator?

You can read the full story behind the name here.  I use this blog as a scrapbook to keep track of our family life, and I wanted a name that captured the sheer absurdity of the things that happen around here.  Coming downstairs to find slugs crawling up the refrigerator and hanging out on the take-out menus seemed like it faithfully encapsulated the general chaos that we exist in.

Can you recommend places to visit in Scotland?

Everywhere.  No really, come and visit and you won't be disappointed.  The West Coast and Edinburgh are amazingly beautiful, but everywhere you go has something of interest.  Visit Scotland is and excellent resource for visitors.

What kind of camera do you use?

Pictures before October 2009 are taken with a Pentax Lumix DMC-FZ18.  After that pictures are taken with a Canon EOS 450d with the standard lens.  However, I have my eye on a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens...must save up my pennies for a very long time for that one.
I do often edit my photos, as I prefer cropped images and add a bit of saturation.  I use Adobe Photoshop Elements, but I would say that picnick and picasa are both excellent (and free) at doing what I do.


Why haven't you responded to my comment/email?

I do read each and every comment, but I am struggling to keep on top of everything at the minute, being quite unwell with this pregnancy.  I will always try and respond to direct questions and if I haven't it might be that I forgotten, so email me again to remind me and I'll get back to you.

Can I use your pictures/link to your site?

Links are always welcome.  For pictures, they are mostly licensed under creative commons so you are free to use them as long as you give credit back to me.   I would ask that you let me know you have done this. Pictures that include Ellis' face are not licensed in this way and I ask that you do not use pictures that include his face on your own site.

Why don't you post activities for children like you used to?

Because you would get sick of the painting with cars that happens on a daily basis around this house.  No really you would.  E really only has a very limited interest in anything else these days.  As much as I would love to post beautiful activities we do with suburb execution, these days we just end up making a mess. Its the process that matters, I remind myself when I am knee deep in paint splodges. And lets face it, there are better sites than mine for that kind of work. 

How did you and Kevin meet?

Sigh.  It was summer.  It was 1996.  It was Camp Courageous of Iowa.  I was 17 and a volunteer.  He was 18 and the single most hyperactive human being I had ever met (he drank a lot of Pepsi in those days). His South African good looks and charm bowled me over and as I walked  up to meet him I thought, "I am going to marry that man".  5 years later, I did.

Do you accept advertising or do reviews?

I do not accept advertising or offers of reviews.  While I may review a book that we have bought or something else that I find lovely and useful (yarn, a toy, an etsy seller I like, a shop we may frequent), they will always be things I have paid for. I do not accept any PR offers at this time. 

I know this is a debate that has suddenly caught fire in UK blogging circles.  However, I feel that as we have a strong ethos of do it yourself/simple/green living in our household, it does not feel right to accept advertising or review products as a matter of course at this time. There are some lovely blogs out there that do reviews, many of which are here on my links page (please note I am in the process of updating all of my links, so check back soon and there will be more good reads).

And just in case anyone asks, why is your son in a laundry basket in the picture above?

I honestly don't know.  I am no longer allowed to put laundry in my laundry baskets as Ellis "needs" them.  I now use those big blue ikea bags.


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