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FO: Avery

IMG_9009 IMG_9005 IMG_9004 IMG_9001 IMG_8999IMG_9012Thank you so much for all of the love - on the book, on The Crochet Project, on everything!!  I am eternally grateful for every pin, share, kind word, email, tweet and hug (real or virtual) I have received on this journey. I'll stop now, but be warned, there will be a super gushy post coming soon. Anyway, as I said last week, I have been knitting. A lot.  Most free moments...when photos were uploading, when layouts were being checked, on the train to and from Edinburgh Yarn Festival, I have had needles in hand. But unlike last week, this   project is one of those "plan your wardrobe around it for a week" accessories - Quince and Co's Avery.

You may remember that last year, I made one of these for my mother when she was visiting.  She had to wrestle me to the ground to take it off of me, I wanted to keep it that badly.  However, being as she is essentially the most wonderful mother I could ever hope for, I relented.  And waited for 2 things: 1. the right yarn and 2. the time.

Like my mom's avery, mine is knit out of Babylonglegs Aran wool.  However, while my mom's was Flump - a loosely spun merino, this is Semi-Precious, a 50/50 merino and silk mix.  I have had the wool in a DK weight before and loved it, but the Aran is just...butter.  So smooth and plump and a dream to work with.  The colour is Cortez Gold - and EXACTLY as wonderfully electrifying as the images above.  I LOVE it.  LOVE.  The only thing is that I should have accounted more for the drape of this beautiful yarn and knit it in a tighter gauge to provide a shade more structure.  However, that is me being picky as it is the most wonderful thing to wear.

And it matches my pjs - THAT, my friends, is a sign of a great accessory.

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