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Friday 5 Degrees of Separation

dreaming of spring

So, its been ages since I did a Friday 5 Degrees of Separation...and since I took down my link list to update it (and haven't managed to get it back up again!), I figured it was high time to spread some linky love.

This week's journey has to start with one of my current favourite reads.  I can't remember how I stumbled on Kyrie's Are So Happy (I seem to remember it was through Abby??), but I have been a reader for awhile.  Her lovely photography is fantastic and she is full of great ideas for small children. If you haven't already, check out her recent post on "Un-Toys"

February Banner

I am certain it was through Kyrie that I became acquainted with Heather's Shivaya Naturals.  I love the quiet tone of Heather's blog and especially her Circle of Stones interviews.  There have been some amazing women interviewed in that space and I have enjoyed each one.

Picture 2

One of my favourite finds through those interviews has been Lady I Swear By All Flowers, written by Chelsea.  Particularly in my current state, I am loving all of the newborn pictures, knitting and love of coffee.

Picture 1
It was also through Heather that I found Gina's Bright and Blithe, and I fell in love immediately.  Her photography is great.  Her creativity is inspiring and her work to build community in her space is really awe-inspiring.

Honey and jam
Through Gina, I became acquainted with Hannah of Honey and Jam.  A blog about baking cake and then taking pictures of it???? A woman after my own heart, I tell you.  

Happy reading and happy weekend!!

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