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Friday Five

Five things I am reading/doing/thinking about today:

- Wondering what delicacy I can transform a giant savoy cabbage into.  We've gone through the staples (coleslaw, cabbage soup, etc), but we need something new.  Exciting. Vegetarian.

isn't that veg box a thing of beauty??

- Relearning how to crochet after actually reading the instruction section of my crochet book.  The author actually writes that the way I do it is "wrong". I can confirm that bad habits DO die hard, but at least I can now do a decent shell stitch.

- Awaiting my Ravelry invite (3 days and counting), 800g of hand-spun wool and a book about dying with plants.  One word: alchemy. (look at this post on plant dyed wool at Knitting Iris. I love it)

- Beginning to gather things for small boy's birthday.  So far, a stamp has been ordered from the lovely Kristel at vlijtig design...other than that, I have no idea. 

- Making pot holders.  I've burnt myself for the last time! (Ok, pot holders may not make a difference to whether or not I have burn marks up my arms, because I AM that clutsy, but it should at least limit the frequency).  By the end of today, we will have at least one! Do I go flat or glove?  Crochet or fabric?  Life is full of important decisions.

- Trudging up to the post office to pay a killer customs charge on some etsy fabric and post a number of things that were suppose to go out before quarantine set in.  Its going to be an expensive trip!!!

- Thinking chickens.  Apparently we have the space.  We have the slugs (though if they eat them all, I may have to change the name on the blog). I have dreamt of keeping chickens for years. Do we? Don't we?  Thoughts?

Ok, that was 7 things, but Friday Seven, isn't as catchy.


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