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Friday Five Degrees of Separation: T-shirts and Ukuleles

1. This weeks journey started with the fabulous whip many beautiful things so little time.  Kath is really lovely as well and I just think she (and everyone who runs those kind of meta-blogs) must work so hard to keep us inspired.  Which it does...

2. Kath led me to Connie's This Old Dress and her Necklush tutorial.  I loved them so much, I made 4..I would add to her tutorial that a stretchy, newer jersey (like stretchy shirt material) makes a more sophisticated looking necklace. The one below is made out of a shirt that didn't fit, but I can't find the tag or receipt for...

necklush in rhodies 2

3. Connie led me to the gorgeous ukulele stylings of Sophie Madeline...her album is just amazing! There isn't enough ukulele music in the world, if you ask me. There is even a song about knitting!!   Here is her equally delightful beard song:

4. Searching 'round 'tinternet for more info on the fabulous Sophie, I found there was a strong correlation between people who listen to Sophie Madeleine and Lisa Hannigan. Now I am the last person on the planet to know that Damien Rice's former band member Lisa had an album out? When I first heard "O", I searched high and low for a solo album by Lisa...well now its here. I love this song (and the fact that they are playing in a pub...isn't that where you always hear the first chords of something magical??)

5. Well apparently, Lisa was on Jools Holland recently and I missed it, but I did find this lovely version of the Noisette's new song Atticus (not sure if non UK residents can see performances on the BBC...but I do love the Noisettes, so find them if you can!)

Have a nice weekend, all! Kev is off up a mountain for work. We all have our fingers crossed he makes it!

Can you guess what I am doing this weekend???

 can you guess what I am doing this weekend?

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