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Friday's Lessons


Lesson 1: Letting the 4 year old and his best friend play dumper trucks with Lego results in aproximately 30 minutes of peace...and 45 minutes of picking up all the piece(s).



Lesson 2: Letting the same four year old help dye wool with Koolaid for spinning results in a skein that reminds me of the scene in Hitchhiker's Guide when Martin Freeman is turned into a knitted version of himself by the Improbability Drive and is subsequently sick.  So, yes. I spun yarn vomit.



Lesson 3: Sometimes beauty is found in unlikely places.  Like the dripping tap and the the sink of dishwater.



Have a great weekend.  Just a warning: next week is going to be FULL. OF. CROCHET. Sorry if you hate crochet.

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