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Georgia At 2

My goodness.  I can not believe she is 2.  It seems like only yesterday I was writing this and then moments later, this.  


And now, I have a Georgia.


A feisty, articulate, dress-hating little person who is always dirty and usually up to something.

A little girl who has taught me more about toddler mischief than I really ever needed to know - "splashing" in a puddle of tinned tomatoes on the livingroom floor and crawling  out of the window naked and running down the street remain my two favourites. 



Her ability to wrap Harrison men around her little finger is legendary, as are her "knock knock" jokes. She loves cake, climbing, puddles, dirt and her brothers.

Every day she makes me laugh louder and harder than I ever knew I could. 


Happy Birthday, little girl. I love you.

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