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Glimpses of Sun

Generally speaking, I try not to let the weather get me down.  I live in Scotland. It rains a lot.  60F is scorching heat. That's just how it is.

But recently, oh man, it has been miserable.  Torrential rain, freezing cold.  We didn't even have the snow that England had.  Just slush falling from the sky to then turn the ground into a wet mess. Its been so dark in the house, I have been shooting at ridiculously high ISOs just to get in-focus pictures at noon! Even with a fancy camera and lens, photos are just. so. dismal.

We all need complete changes of clothes every time we have been out and mud is ingrained in the floors.  Its that time of year where nothing stays clean and we vacuum a billion times a day just to stop everyone's socks from turning black. Children are bored and being even crazier than normal (did you know, when a bag of quinoa is poured out by an almost 2yo it has magical properties to spread to every corner of your home?  And it takes 3 goes round with the hoover to get most of it up?).  We operate on a cycle of draw, bake, play lego - repeated a million times a week.   Tis the season.

But then, today, the sun came out. Just for a few hours. And we all moved a few steps closer to sanity.  We watched the birds.  I took a million photos, bundled the kids up and forced them made them hot chocolate to drink in the park.  And even though we were all shivering at the end, it was exactly the reminder we needed. That there IS light at the end of the tunnel.

And then it rained again.

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