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Granny Squares  A Gogo

Granny Squares A Gogo

Welcome to week 2 of Crochet Camp!  This week is all about granny squares!  Today, I am publishing the first of 2 patterns this week. This is the most basic of granny square patterns - showing you how to do single colour and multi-colour squares and then string them into bunting. Tomorrow, I will cover the basics of UK treble/ US double crochet and joining colours.

Later in the week, we have another pattern that shows you another option for using your granny squares, plus we will be looking at some of the techniques and stitches you need to make a granny successfully.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a year's subscription to Simply Crochet.  Also, for those of you who had asked, the kits are back in stock.

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