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A Place Marker


I am currently standing knee deep in Sunday night Monday morning Monday afternoon. I had tried to write a long post on what it means to be alone with 3 children all the time, the lack of structure that the just-begun summer holidays bring, the busyness that is more running to catch up than running a marathon... 

But today has been one of those days where I have nought to show for a full 6 hours. Two babies who need to be held all the time and a little boy whose record seems to be stuck on "play with me, Mama".
IMG_3465.jpg IMG_3488.jpg


And so, deep thoughts and coherent sentances escape through my fingers as I change nappies, hold babies, build lego, play dollies and mop the kitchen floor.  Somedays that is all blogging can be for me, a simple note that I still exist in all of this whirlwind.  A flare sent out into the darkness to show where I am...


and that, importantly, I am still here.

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