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Guest Pattern: Granny Square Bag

Guest Pattern: Granny Square Bag

What to do with granny squares?  The possibilities are endless, hey? Blankets, bunting, garments... How about a bag to get you started?

Ali Campbell from  Hooked!! A Crochet Addicts Blog and Get Hooked on Crochet has graciously agreed to share a lovely bag pattern with us.  Ali is a crochet teacher extraordinaire. Ali started to teach crochet to friends a few years ago. When she moved to Dorset, she was fortunate enough to have enough space in the aptly named  “Old School House” to dedicate a room in her home to being a full time Crochet Classroom, so she progressed from only teaching One to One classes to holding regular monthly workshops for up to 6 students to both beginners, improvers & intermediates, all of which have been well attended & 4 week workshops were regularly turning into 6 or 7 weeks!

Ali runs the Crochet eLearning course, available as  Course 1 – The Basics, Course 2 – The Next Step & Course 3 – The Finishing Touches . She is about as passionate about crochet as they come.  She is also having a major operation today, so a massive good luck from me!!

Download the pattern here:

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