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Guten Tag

Oh, Edinburgh.  You are such a beguiling city.  Full of beauty and wonder and...grumpy shoppers this time of year. Being the country girl I am, there are very few things that can get me to brave the crowded streets and trains to bask in your glory in the run up to Christmas...well, only 3 things really, a Husband's Birthday, a best friend and a German Market.

There is really only one word to describe the market...delicious.  The food is just gorgeous and the sights are a feast for the eye. Every year, I have to be dragged into the city to go and every year I leave thinking how much I love the market...









And so we left the city with full bellies, sore feet and enormous marzipan stollen. But of course, it wouldn't be a birthday in this house without a Guinness Cake so some room was found in our stomachs for more deliciousness.


Happy Birthday, Kevin!!

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