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Hard Graft


It was with a big, heaving sigh that I finished the last of my Christmas gifts on Friday night.  Well, it was actually Saturday morning...1:30am.  If there was any piece of advice I have for knitters (not that I have much, considering I've not been knitting very long), it would be DO NOT GRAFT 134 stitches together using the kitchener stitch at 1:30am.  It will involve swearing, forcing your husband to sit perfectly still (lest he distract you) and more swearing.  For non-knitters who don't know what the kitchener stitch is, just count yourself lucky that you don't have to endure this particular form of torture.



Anyway, its done.  And its lovely.  In fact, so lovely, I almost couldn't part with it.  If the recipient hadn't known it was coming, I might have kept it for myself.  But, being the kind hearted (read: easily suseptable to guilt) kind of person I am, it was wrapped and given on Saturday to a grateful recipeint.


autumn leaves

The piece is the Autumn Leaves Stole, knit in Misti Alpaca Hand Paint worsted. The colourway is called copper penny and it was found in the sale bin of the yarn store near my mother.  Its really a perfect yarn and colour and I would say it was a joy to knit with, first paragraph aside.





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