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He and She

IMG_9879.jpgHe wakes up in the morning and she is the first thing he asks for.

She saves her biggest smiles for him.

He gives her his half-eaten food in case she's still hungry.

She can't keep her eyes off of him and insists on his attention through squeals.


She has learned that shreiking in his face is the fastest way to get Mama to get her away from big brother.

He tolerates her love of (eating) his toys.

She tolerates the rough housing and the roaring in her face.

He likes to read her stories about Thomas the Tank Engine.

She likes to eat books about Thomas the Tank Engine.

He can't stand it when she lays down for a sleep and asks throughout her nap, "When's Georgia gonna wake up?"

She can not sleep if she can so much as hear him.

He climbs into her cot the minute she's awake with coos of, "Its ok.  Big Brother's here"

She tolerates his big wet sloppy kisses.

He calls her "Sweetheart".

She loves him.

He loves her. 



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