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Hello and Welcome!

As promised, here is the first entry in the blog about the Harrison and Goldin household. 2007 looks to be quite a year with the littlest member of the family due to make his/her arrival in May. Hopefully, using the wonders of the internet will help us keep in touch with our far flung nearest and dearest.

The house in Cambuskenneth, Scotland is already quite a full one. Icarus the cat and Rowan the Basset Hound take up more than their fair share of the two bedroom terrace. Add this to Kevin, myself and all of Kevin's school work for the last 29 years collected in ring binders and its hard to see how a wee baby and its "kit" will fit in. I am sure that chaotic equilibrium will find us eventually.

Life at the moment seems to be dominated by the most atrocious weather. Wet, windy, and cold has been our daily existence since November. As I have always said, no one moved to Scotland for the weather, but I am afraid my lovely South African is not coping. Even I am struggling at the moment, but that may be due to being 6 months pregnant and walking 2 miles each way to work everyday. Oh well, the days are getting lighter so that must mean that Spring is on its way.

Kevin is working as the Arts and Wellbeing Manager for a disability charity. He loves his work and I have never seen him so happy. It really makes the 6 months of unemployment worth it in the end. As for me, I am still a civil servant in the environmental sector...objectively not the best fit for what I can bring to an organisation, but I do work with the loveliest people imaginable and on occasion am able to do good work--probably more than many people can say about their jobs. Also after years in the National Health Service, it is nice not to worry about money all the time (I can order as many post-it notes as my heart desires, rather than stealing them from the council and pharmaceutical companies).

Otherwise, all continues to be well with us. Pregnancy definitely suits me, on the whole. The first three months were not fun, but now I seem to be going along just fine.

Kevin has promised to upload pictures so hopefully there will be something to see soon!!!

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