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Hi! Hello! Hola! Nice to see you! Yes, I went missing for almost 2 weeks...sorry about that.  I ran out of things to say, then  we had a Very Important Visitor... josh   Oh yes, my little brother came to visit and we needed to show him the sights, sounds and single malts of our adopted homeland. We traversed the country - from Stirling to Edinburgh to Pitlochry to St Andrews.  We played with kids and ate the best of the best Scottish food (washed down by said single malts). You know its a good trip when your 30 year old bachelor brother, whose idea of a good time is clubbing and gigging, tells you that spending a week with a crowd of people whose median age is 6 was the "best trip ever". But now, we are back. We don't even have the English bank holiday or Memorial Day to ease us in gently to real life. School and work rush back to fill the space we made last week and my to do list looks exactly like what you would expect when you take 10 days off.

But, its raining, I have coffee and a cat on my desk, so this is as good a place as any to be.

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