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How did it come to this???

You know, I've never been an ultra tidy person. Its true that in my youth I was frequently admonished for a dreadfully untidy room/locker/bookbag. in recent years, I like to think that I have improved dramatically--keeping most areas of the houses we've lived in relatively tidy most of the time and if not tidy, then at least clean under the mess.

Well, I am embarrassed to say how bad the house is at the moment. The carpet in the livingroom is truly dreadful--covered in dog hair and grit. We vacuum twice a week, but with the untimely death of the Dyson, the Tesco replacement just isn't cutting it. Plus the rugs haven't really survived the 4 moves and 1 puppy they have been subjected to in the last year. Everywhere in the house at about 6 inches from the floor (about Basset Hound height) there is a line of muck. It is like the magic disappearing/reappearing line, as it seems that whenever I wipe it down it reappears shortly after.

The icing on the cake has to be the wardrobe or lack thereof. About a week ago, I was downstairs when I heard the usual bangs and thuds of dog chasing cat, followed by an unusual thud. I went up to our bedroom and saw that the wardrobe had collapsed. Dog trapped underneath and cat looking slightly bewildered at the top of the heap. Well it was unsalvageable and we have been living out of crates and boxes ever since.

It all just gets on top of me, to be honest and even working 4 days a week, I just can't seem to break the back of it. I am hoping today's trip to ikea will help resolve some issues. Ugh.

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