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Hullo, Sexy

On Saturday morning, a new man entered my life. 


I was going to call him "Seven", but I actually know someone who joined an, erm, religious community and changed his name to Seven, so that was out. Other variations of "Canon EOS 7d"("Can" "Non" "SD") just didn't have the ring, so I am just going to call him what he is..."Sexy".  

With his AMAZING focusing features and great low light performance, Kevin had to stop me from sleeping with him.


He is an adult sort of camera. Amazingly sensitive and adaptable, he makes my beloved 450d look an antiquated toy. I am still getting to grips with the endless customability and his slick features (not to mention his size!), but remarkable easy to shoot with all the same.

If there was one element that I had to pick as my favourie thing so far would be the low-light capability.  The photo below was shot at 8am, at the back of the house, before the sun was up.  Because it was so dark, the shots were all out of focus below iso 6400.  The photo below should be a grainy, out of focus mess.


You want to sleep with him now too, don't you?

It came with a 15-85mm lens and can I just say--what a beauty of a lens.  I can see this becoming a replacement for my beloved 50mm f1.8.  It is macro, so it focuses very close up and its nice and versatile for around the house as its so wide.  All of the shots in this post are straight out of the camera.  



And, being a a wide-angle lens, it means I can go back to taking more pictures of my feet.


(Note to self: wear more appropriate footwear when taking pictures of feet.)

Needless to say: I am in love with him and as he doesn't leave wet towels on the floor or require feeding at 15 minute intervals like the other men in my life, he is currently my favourite.



I am also over at Ball, Hank 'n' Skein talking product photography today, as well as hosting a giveaway!! (yes, I recongnise the irony in writing about having a semi-pro camera and then being interviewed about wether or not one needs a DSLR...what can I say, our relationship is complicated) 

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