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I am in Love

Ok. I know that all has been quiet here for awhile. Obviously, we have been busy busy with our little early arrival. I had thought I would put up the birth story, but Kev has been working on that, so I am going to leave him to it.

I just want to say that I am so besotted with wee Ellis. We have been having loads of problems with feeding and...ummm...elimination. He went an entire week without a poo!! Not good at his age. He also has had problems feeding.

Anyway, he is really doing well at the moment. I think we have finally cracked the feeding thing. Up until Sunday, he was refusing to suck at the breast. We would spend ages trying to get him latched on with him screaming to high heaven or just falling asleep. It was so demoralising. I can handle the fact that he arrived so early. I can handle the fact that we had him in hospital and I can handle the fact that my midwife (who we have scrimped and saved to be able to afford) wasn't there until a week after he was born. Not being able to breast feed was just too much for me.

Well, all of the sudden, Ellis just decided he DID know what to do and has been happily sucking away at the boob for a few days now (not continuously, mind you). We still have to offer him top ups of expressed breast milk in a cup until he regains his birth weight, but at least we are getting there!! He still likes to sleep too much, but then he is Kevin's son...

Other than being an absolute superstar at eating, Ellis is just magnificent. He is just so bloody cute! I know that everyone says that you fall in love with your child like nothing else, but I am still surprised by it. I am also surprised at how much I am enjoying being a mommy. I would like more than an hour and a half sleep at a stretch, but other than that, I think I can do this!!!

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