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I am NOT a Carrot

Ellis is very big into categorisation.  For example, throughout the course of the day, I am often told that I am a:


Mama Goldin


Big Girl

Whilst Ellis is a:


Big Boy


Train Driver


In the midst of (yet another) discussion about what we all are, I accused Ellis of being a carrot, just to check he was listening.  His immediate reply, "I am NOT a carrot, mama.  I am a boy."

That was me told.

And while we are all now sure that Ellis is that particular brand of root vegetable, we are no longer certain that the baby may not come out orange.  Not normally one to have cravings (except for cake, who doesn't crave cake?), I can not get enough of the following salad, stolen adapted from So Wabi Sabi. I want to eat it all the time.  When I am not thinking about knitting or how I persuade Ellis to make me a cup of tea, my remaining brain cell is craving this lovely concoction. I now have no carrots in my house for the first time in years and have been pacing at the window waiting for the veg man. 


Mess with the proportions of this as you like.  The following serves 2.

2-3 grated carrots

1 large grated eating apple

A large handful of raisins or dried cranberries

A large handful of chopped pecans

2 tablespoon of olive oil

1.5 tablespoons of cider vinegar

1 T orange juice

Mix and enjoy.

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