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If All Else Fails

If this whole motherhood/ wife of a director thing fails, I know what I can do...start a pumpkin farm.




Sure, gardening isn't my greatest strength.  Yes, I am LAZY.  And prone to distraction.  And I live in Scotland, not exactly known for its pumpkins.  But I tell you what, we are having a bumper crop 'round here.  We have at least 10 pumpkins set on the vines in my teeny tiny garden.  Yes, the pumpkin plants are the length of the garden.  Yes, there is even a pumpkin growing as it hangs off the neighbours jasmine bush (I am calling it forest gardening to make it seem intentional). Yes, they are all still quite green, but I've lost the seed packet, so I can't tell you they aren't supposed to be green.

I used to threaten to become a professional bowler if all else fails, but this recent development in pumpkins makes me think its a more viable option (namely because I failed the bowling module of PE).  Think of all of that pie.

What's your back up plan? 

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