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I'm Going Camping and I'm Taking...

We are heading off to Machrihanish Bay on the Mull of Kintyre onFriday. As always, I have compiled list upon list to make sure we don't forget anything. So in the spirit of long car journeys, here is a sampling of what will be coming with me to Argyll:

A...anticipation...will we see a whale, seal or otter?
B...Bucket, Binoculars, Bevvy of Backpacks (what happened to the days when we could both fit everything into a backpack?), coffee, crochet, cous cous
D...toy diggers and dinosaurs...we can't leave home without them
E...Ellis, firewood
G...goat milk, good books...currently reading PopCo, So Shall We Reap and Seaweed and Eat it
H...Huge New Tent (the tiny backpacker one that served us in our young and child-free days does not accommodate a toddler that sleeps sideways in between us) exactly are we going to keep wee man entertained on the journey?
J...jackets and is frigid here at the minute
K...Kevin, ketchup
L...lantern, light-weight trousers
M...marshmallows (and other s'more ingredients), midge repellent computer or TV.  I am really looking forward to the break.
O...oatmeal for breakfast, optimism for good weather
P...peanut butter, polaroid camera
Q...quiet tent activities, like colouring for when it rains
R...Raising Sand CD for the car
S...sunscreen, soya milk (I know, a 3 person family and 2 kinds of milk, how ridiculous?), swimwear (the Irish Sea will be warm enough?? Right?)
T...towels, tea
U...underwear, underarm deodorant,
V...very warm sleeping bags
W...wellies, waterproof: jackets, trousers, all-in-one suits, picnic blankets
X...xylophone...I mean what else starts with an "x"?
Y...yarn for making a copycat of this but in more earthy tones
Z...a lot of ZZZZZs to catch up on.

Here is a bit of a taster for where we are going:

Golden sands of Machrihanish
Seals in Machrihanish

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