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In and Out of a Funk

Man, I am a moody cow at the minute (as an aside, I used to hate the way Brits refer to women as cows...the fact that it doesn't bother me that much any more is a further sign of my assimilation...that, and my love of Jaffa Cakes).

Where was I...oh yes, moody.  I am just not my normal productive, cheerful self (Ok, so I wouldn't ever describe myself as cheerful, but you know what I mean).  

Anyway, have you met my husband...



...he is a smart man.  You see, I would rather lay around the house sulking about how grumpy I am.  But he won't let me and drags my crabbit self out into the autumn sunshine overcast, grey, windy, just-about-to-rain day.

And so, we drove up to Scone Palace and did this:

IMG_6399.jpg IMG_6350.jpg IMG_6356.jpgIMG_6492.jpg IMG_6546.jpg IMG_6529.jpgIMG_6379.jpg


Which made me this:



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