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In the Making

While I know many folks take handmade and secondhand challenges this time of year, we have adopted a slightly different ethos this holiday season.  With the small amount of money we have to spend on Christmas gifts, we give things that in some way harness creativity...things we've made, things some one else has handmade, or things that will in some way inspire the receivers creative passions.

But of course handmade is a huge part of this...and combined with some MAJOR hormonal nesting (yes I have redecorated 3 of the 5 rooms in the house in the last 3 weeks) and our house is littered with, decorations, general arts and crafts. Everyone is taking part and its yarn, paint and thread everywhere!!






Everytime I finish one thing, I think of something else that MUST be made/finished/baked before next week. I wonder at what point I will except I need to stop...probably at midnight on Christmas eve.

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