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Inspiration Station

I am suffering a bit from a lack of inspiration.  My mind is only half here and half with my family in Iowa who are in the midst of dealing with a terrible illness.  However, the world is full of inspiration, knocking at my door, and I would love to share some of them with you:


I haven't been able to get the lovely post on Foothill Home Companion detailing what life is like "In Real Life" out of my head.

So here are a couple of real life moments...

In real life, cleaning up usually means putting things in bags and taking them some point


In real life, I am more likely to grab a camera than be upset at toddler mischief, whatever the sugar-filled consequences.

In case you haven't seen it, check out the Artful Parent.  She has a great post about 31 activities for young children.  All throughout March she is doing something everyday with her wee girl.  Great idea and an excellent resource!
Maya*Made has a lovely tutorial on stamping with children.  E man is too young for making his own stamp, but I definitely will store this away for the future
My craft therapy tutorial is part of Make and Tell Monday over at the 6 o'clock stitch.  There are a number of fantastic tutorials on there.  Take a look for some inspiration, or add some of your own.


And a big thanks for the inspiration that arrived through my door on Tuesday.  J from the Green Parent forum sent me a lovely book about dyeing with scottish plants that I can not wait to dive into.  And C from Border Stories made me a lovely bird and brooch as part of a crafty swap.  They are so sweet and the birdie is hanging on my wall bringing sunshine and spring  into the house.


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