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Introducing Georgia

Today was the day. Georgia was born at home at 2.15pm and after a lot of work by her mama, her dada was there to catch her. Georgia weighs 7lbs and 7oz and here are some pictures to share and celebrate an amazing day. Ellis is a proud brother and spent most of the labour quietly watching the Wizard of Oz. We had wonderful support from our midwife and her colleague and also from Tantie today as well as many wonderful telephone calls and messages. Thank you.


I am sure Kat will have lots to share over the coming days, weeks, months and years and I am certain you will all get to know Georgia well. I leave you now to bask in fatherhood.

Lots of love to all,

Kevin, Kat, Ellis, and Georgia 


Brothers and Sisters

Georgia, what big hands you have!

The boys spend time with Georgia

Tantie, Ellis and Georgia

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