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Is there a name for desperation?

As the weeks progress, obviously we begin to think more and more about baby names and who this wee being will be. THe issue of the name has perplexed us from the beginning. Since initially we were both convinced that it would be a girl, we narrowed down girl names pretty quickly and have some clear front runners that we just need to see if they "fit".

Boy names are a whole other story. We have truely reached desperation stage where we are grasping at straws and even dog names we hear are being considered. The lastest is Digby, the name of another Basset Hound. Now, I am not going to name my first born son after a dog, but I can see us choosing something awful out of sheer panic at the last minute!!!

At least the surname is sorted. We have officially agreed on Harrison-Goldin. Poor thing is going to have one hell of a time learning to spell...

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