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Island of Misfit Crafts


Comments on recent posts have gotten me thinking and I have had an epiphany. Does anyone remember the movie "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys"? I was forced to watch it at Christmas by my sister in law, Z, who loves Christams (she even has a wrapping trolley...crazy obsessed woman!).  Anwyay, I was thinking that all of my misfit crafts should have a place to live together.   I have set up a flickr group for all of my failed know the things that I loved, tried, unstitched, restitched, unravelled, but just didn't work out as planned.

So the Island of Misfit Crafts is a place where they can all play together and not feel bad about themselves or abandoned for more successful projects.  Feel free to pay them a visit (or I think you can probably add your own, but I am new to flickr, so I can't be sure).

Anyway, feel free to go over and pay them a visit...

Ooh and look what arrived at my house yesterday:



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