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It Worked

...all of the collective positive energy that emanated from this post. Within days of posting it, I was pregnant with a little brother or sister for Ellis. 

We are, of course, over the moon about new baby and his/her arrival next March. However, I must admit that it has been a hard transition to go from wanting it so desperately.  I have had unexplainable bouts of bump envy, even weeks after knowing I was pregnant and it took the scan for me to fully grasp that I am indeed expecting. Kevin, however, has had no such problem and had spouted the news near and far within days of finding out. 

I am MUCH more sick with this one than I was with Ellis, so the pace of life has had to slow down considerably.  I have spent days in bed, but fortunately have been up and about (and eating again) for the last 2.  Its a good lesson in forgiving well as the limits of recycling dirty clothes. 

New beginning
Of course I have taken the new arrival (and the newly expected wee ones of 2 of my other close friends) as a fantastic excuse to do a wee bit of making in the moments I haven't been too ill to move.  Finally, I had an excuse to make the lovely Pebble baby vest from the Thrifty Knitter I had been eyeing since I saw it on Soulemama (I wonder how many hundreds of pairs of needles cast on after seeing that post???). Anyway, it knit up quickly and easily and cheaply with under one ball of Rowan Tapestry in grey/taupe. 
Just a note to also say that the camera is broken and we are off to John Lewis tomorrow to see about a repair.  Please bear with cruddy phone photos in the meanwhile.  On the positive side, you can probably expect photos of gorgeous, if overpriced, yarn from their Haberdashery next week...seems like an OK trade off to me.

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