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It's Here.

I will never forget the moment I held my first book in my hands. Crochet at Play

I went out to collect in my vegetables from the front door and noticed 3 parcels behind the storm door.  As I picked them up, I saw the envelope from my publisher and immediately my heart started racing.  I left it for a minute to contain my nerves and then opened it up.

And although I had seen the contents 100 times before, there is nothing like seeing it in the flesh, done and dusted. Amazing. I tried to show it to Georgia, but she told me to leave her alone.  Ellis told me "oh that's nice, mama. Now can I play on the iPad?" and Theo was too busy putting all of the dirty clothes and shoes into the bath/pulling a dresser over/dumping out an entire jug of maple syrup/climbing out of the open window to care.  Kevin was happy though!!

And while I still need to keep the contents under wraps, how about a sneaky peek at the back cover??

Crochet at Play


Its out on the 18th of April in the UK (and Oz and NZ, I believe), and later in the year in the US, Finland and Holland.




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