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Its like a mountain climbing only with more snot

So, for the record, this whole 2 babies in 1 year and 4 days thing, its not nearly as bad as I imagined when sobbing on the kitchen floor at 4 weeks pregnant.  As we reach the end of Theo's second week on the outside, its all OK. Everyone's been fed, clothed, bathed.  I have done laundry and steam mopped* the kitchen floor.  I even made muffins and went to the store.

But it is exhausting.  The lifting, the carrying, the walking, the feeding, the nose wiping (ok, they usually use my shirt), the clothes needing chaged from the leaking too-big cloth nappies, the running to who ever is crying the loudest leaves me physically exhausted and achey in ways that hill walking used to.

Only the view is much better:



* Steam mops are the single greatest cleaning invention ever. If I didn't have so many children, cats, husband and visitors, you could eat off my kitchen floor.  Well, actually Georgia does eat off my kitchen floor and she seems to be fine.   

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