Its the Little Things


It used to be that when the sun shone, we would run outside to spend the day in its light.  Sunshine is a precious commodity that shouldn't be wasted.

Recently, sun means doing a flurry of product shots for myself and clients. Tis the season of stress and busyness, hey?  Combine that with very little sleep and it would be fair to say that I have not been in the most pleasant mood today.

And then I found this.  She'd fallen asleep on my bed, wearing glasses. And I stopped and caught my breath and then ran as fast as I could to get my camera. I love photography, I love doing commercial and product work, but this, this is why I love my camera. This is why we run Capturing Childhood. For exactly these precious, amazing and every day moments.

PS - And did you know that Capturing Childhood is in the Guardian Gift Guide? Oh yes (under gadgets)!!

PPS - G's sweater is from Tootsa Macginty - also in the guide!  

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