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Keeping Warm

So I am still off work.  Ho hum.  Still feeling quite sick, yet boredom has definitely set in.  I have motored through a stack of books, and still needed something else to occupy my waking hours (of which there are many!!). Thank goodness for Rebecca's lovely new crochet patterns.  I instantly fell in love with her falling leaves neckwarmer. 

I didn't have any 4-ply in the house and I haven't really been able to leave the house the last week or so, so I finally tucked into my HUGE skein of Fisherman's Wool I bought when I was in the States. 

I love how it turned out and am so sad that I don't have a decent camera at the minute to truly show it off.  I had to adjust the pattern to accommodate the larger yarn...beginning chain of 24 and 86 rows with a 6mm hook.

Leaf neckwarmer
And it was finished in the nick of time...we woke this morning to torrential rain and gales.  At least my neck will be warm.

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