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Kind of Like Christmas

With the boxes, family arriving, planning, errands and general upheaval, you can get the sense there is something akin to Christmas about moving house.  In many ways, I do feel like the anticipation is building and I catch myself thinking "Only 2 more sleeps in the old house!" with the fevered excitement of a child.


But the excitement also masks the work and upset the whole thing is causing, particularly to my sensitive little boy.  He oscilates from talking about how excited he is about his new house, his new school, his (first ever) birthday party that will take place in the new house to crying about not wanting to leave because he "loves" his house.  

Mostly he is angry.  He is mad he can't sit and watch TV all day.  Furious that there is no where to put his train set out at the minute. He's hurt his friends can't come over to the house to play.  He's frustrated Kev and I have so little attention for him.  

And like Christmas, understanding that things will be better "in a few days" is just out of the grasp of a boy who thinks things in the past have all happened "last week" and the future is "next year".  

But still, only 2 more sleeps to get through... 



I think the internet is being cut off today or tomorrow.  And like many things, we have no idea when reconnection will happen.  I will try and get a few updates up via my phone, but until we are reconnected, I am signing off.

See you soon (fingers crossed)!

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