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Welcome to Knit Camp!!

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Welcome to a month of knitting here on Slugs on the Refrigerator.  Joanne, Libby and I are so excited to have you!!  If you have stumbled across Knit Camp and are wondering what on earth I am talking about, read this. Also, don't forget to join the Knit Camp Facebook Group for lots of step by step support and encouragement.

Those of you who were learned to crochet over the summer will be familiar with the format. On Monday, we will release the first pattern, then the rest of the week will be spent going through step by step the skills you will need to actually complete the pattern.  Don't be discouraged if you don't "get it" right away.  Learning a new skill is hard and the hardest part is definitely learning how to get comfortable holding the needles and yarn. Keep practicing, you will get it with time!!

The Schedule for Week 1 is as follows:

Monday: Garter Cuff Mitts

Tuesday: Choosing Yarn and Needles

Wednesday: Casting On

Thursday: Knit Stitch

Friday: Purl Stitch

We will be showing you both Continental (yarn held in the left hand) and English (yarn held in the right hand) knitting.  The reason for this is that many of you have come from Crochet Camp and crocheters often find continental knitting a bit easier...also, I am a continental knitter!!

If you are looking to use your own materials, you will need:

100g of Aran-weight wool in main colour for Mitts and Hat

25g Aran-weight wool in contrast colour for Mitts and Hat

50g of Aran-weight wool in Colour for Hottie

1l hot water bottle

5mm needles

If you would like to buy a kit, they are for sale here.

If at any point you have questions, please head over to the Facebook Group or drop me a line at hello (@)

Can't wait to get started!! See you tomorrow!

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