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Knitting and Drinking


On Wednesdays, many, many yarn crafters all over the world post what they are working on and what they are reading.  Unless you want a run down of my *thrilling* emails, I never participate...If only it was a Knitting/Crocheting and DRINKING meme...I could say more.

And today is oh-so-very one of *those* days. It started with me being woken up by a 1 year old in my bed rubbing toothpaste on his feet (then sucking it off), then moved onto a blocked toilet (caused by a soap dish down the loo), G pretending to be a snake the entire time we were at the stores, E insisting that he *is* the King of Scotland and we all have to do what he says, and then culminated with me singing the song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley as we drove home from the grocery store at the top of my voice so I wouldn't have to be asked yet again how stickers are made...needless to say, wine o'clock can not come sooner tonight. 

Pictured here: Yarn Love Earl Grey on a base of Amy March and the house red from the MacRobert Arts Centre. 


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