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Lady of Leisure

Well, any fears that I had about being miserable and bored by being off work seem to be largely unfounded at this stage. I have to admit that staying in bed for as long as I want, puttering around, not having to go to work, taking naps all more than make up for the lack of excitement that I am missing from the office. I have been in a good mood since last Thursday (a small miracle, I know).

Much of my sunny disposition is probably still due to my last midwife's visit where we found out that my blood pressure was back to normal. I have been on this special diet and I think it has made a huge difference. The biggest change is not having any refined sugar (it has at least the same effect on blood pressure as salt does apparently). Twice since I have been off it I have had something with some sugar in it and the effects are remarkable. Both times I started shaking and felt really ill. You do have to wonder about the Western diet if this is the effect it has...

Also the midwife did Reiki, which I have to admit I was quite skeptical about. However, I felt so relaxed afterwards and have been chipper ever since. Kevin is claiming its a small miracle as I don't think I have yelled at him in 5 days!

The only thing that has even remotely worked me up recently is being prepared for baby. Kevin and I have a few more things to get and then there is the house to clean. I get slightly worked up about not having everything we need in the house (even though we have mostly everything). The thing is we have agreed that we are going to do the final shop the weekend after next as he is off for a few days. So all is on track.

OK, I am off to go scrub something. I decided I would try to clean one room thoroughly a day while I am still pretty mobile. The house actually is quite tidy at the moment so its not a major task, but I am not sure if its perfect enough to bring baby home to (god forbid she/he gets a bad first impression, ha!)

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