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Let Me Entertain You

20131020-IMG_5577 20131020-IMG_5576 20131020-IMG_5572 If you come to my house any time in the near future, be prepared to be entertained. A pile of tickets await you at the door and you will be ushered in to sit down and watch some version of "A Dragon and/or a Troll kills everyone except Uncle Matt the Police Officer".

And if you, say, have other things to do, the show will follow you around - sometimes with the entire puppet theatre coming upstairs to the studio/bedroom/bathroom. Or you will be given orders to sing one of the childrens' theme songs* and they will perform their specially rehearsed number for the Harrison-Goldin Variety Show.

Georgia sings the Batman version of Jingle Bells (insisting of course there is no other version), Theo jumps off of things and Ellis does magic tricks.

Performances start at 6:30am and continue until bed time - all day every day.

Fact: having kids is the best thing ever.

*The Georgia/Theo/Ellis Show

The  Georgia/Theo/Ellis  Show

Everybody Ready for The  Georgia/Theo/Ellis  Show

She/He loves to dance and sing

And she loves to do her/his thing

The  Georgia/Theo/Ellis Show

The  Georgia/Theo/Ellis  Show

Yeah! *waves jazz hands*


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