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Life Goal: Check

Life Goal: Check

Or Other Things I Do In The Cow Field

I have to say that I honestly never thought I would see the Northern Lights.  Like so many people, it was on my list of "Things I would like to do one day", but living relatively far south in the scheme of things and in a mostly rainy country, I didn't think it would ever happen.

However, a couple of weeks ago I was on twitter and saw a couple of folk local to us mention the aurora were out.  Kevin went out to investigate and lo and behold, we could see them behind the Menteith hills!  It was exactly as magical as you could imagine it would be - standing in the dark, with thousands of pounds of camera equipment and my man. 

So, one life goal is checked off the to work on the next item: Making a perfect victoria sponge...a feel a lot of taste testing may be in order. 

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