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Like the Game Traffic Jam


Essentially the minute we left the new house after viewing, I decided I was done with the current house.  I walked back into this small space and begrudgingly began the routines of living in such a small space: constant picking up so I don't trip, sweeping the 3-4 times a day required when the same 10x12ft space is your living room, dining room, play room and hallway, cramming into the 2x3ft space that constitutes my kitchen workspace with a stool, a 4 year old, a one year old and a bump.  I was done.  I am done.



As we've waited the last few days for the officially official offer, I couldn't bare to think about what if...and so when it came through today, I was beyond overjoyed.



But moving and packing in such a small space is really more like the game traffic jam than anything else. For example, to open the dryer: one box goes there, then the hoover has to move, then the pushchair goes outside while the high schair gets put up on the counter and the children get plonked a safe distance away.  I can only imagine as we get closer to the end of next week, the shifting and shuggling will get more and more complicated.


But its so worth it!  To have an oven that doesn't have to be turned on with pliers.  To have a shower that isn't hung up by a bent metal coathanger. To have a place to put a pushchair that isn't in the middle of the lounge or the garden.  To have a hallway, a fire, a kitchen that people can eat in...such unbelievable luxuries.  


10 days to go!!   

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