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Looking for Beauty

The first time I visited Strassbourg, I told my German host mother that I could never live in a beautiful place (which Strassbourg definitely is), because I worried I would stop appreciating the beauty.  Stop seeing it as I go about my everyday life.

In many ways, I was right.  In the busy-ness that is life, I often forget to look up and see what is around me. This week has been a prime example, with a lot going on to get ready to go to Mull, plus a hectic work week, plus waking up at 3am every day (!!!!), plus fighting off a rather nasty cough, I found my self thoroughly disconnected from where and tapped far too much into what needs to be done.

And then I found this picture on the camera of the Wallace Monument and the Ochil Hills behind our house. And for a moment, I just took in the beauty that we have on our doorstep. And it was good.

Wallace Monument

And so maybe everyone forgets to see the beauty that is around them some of the time, but its worth looking for when you need it most.

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