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Love Photography (aka Nepotism aka That's MY Camera)

There is fierce competition in our house over use of the single camera.  Kev has a great eye and a real passion for photography.  We are taking lesson's from the 2 year old on how to share (which means not very well). 

Joking aside, its wonderful to see creativity coming back into his life.  He has spent so long supporting the work of others (including mine) that its time for him to nurture his own.  Check out his tumblr at

I wanted also to spread the word about some goings on happening around and about.

Anybody up north of the border, book your tickets to the Big Tent Festival on the 26th and 27th of July in Falkland, Fife.  Its a beautiful wee village and a crackin' good festival focussed on the environment and land stewardship.  

Jude is giving away one of her lovely fabric brooches here

Zooarcheologist is also hosting a giveaway to Alton Towers, so if you have a strong stomach (which I do NOT), check it out here

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