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IMG_0820 What a week! Thank you for all of the Crochet Camp love.  I am once again humbled by your support, cheers, tweets, emails, purchases, everything!!  I always worry that I will send a new idea out into the world only to be met with stoney silence.  I should learn I don't need to worry (at least for now).

- This week I was proud to be American, because of her, because of this, because it is one of those days I will remember forever.

- This speech about creativity by Jack Black.

- This blog post about blogging.

- This post about all the things we could do if we could not fail.

- This design.

- This advice about time management (or not).

- This collection of thoughts and photos on Motherhood (via this lovely blog).

- My coffee obsession has 2 new strands: this dripper from my Mom for awesome hot coffee and cold brewing for my beloved cold coffee.

Today, I will be answering emails, then working on a design before we pack up and head to Woolfest tomorrow!  If you are there, say hello!

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