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Some days are filled to the brim with making.  Its the side of my work that I love most (of course) but its actually a smallish part of the whole picture.  I spend much more time answering emails, writing, planning, calculating, and reading than I really do making.  

But then come those pockets of time where I *have* to spend hours upon hours crocheting or sewing.  For some reason, I find starting nearly impossible, but once I am in my groove my heart sings with it.  And then I get to look back on an hours' work and think "I made that and I'm getting paid for it!". What a privilage.


Top: examples of granny squares and ripples for my crochet class in Wendy Merino Chunky and Texere Chunky Wool.

Middle: child's apron out of Quentin Blake fabric

Bottom: granite stitch crochet

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